Day 3

Saturday began with a bit more commotion than the previous morning. It was the day that we were debuting our Dark Matter cosplay. Since the con doors opened two hours earlier we got started as soon as we were awake. We both had head to toe looks to put on: costumes, make up, and wigs. We were excited to finally see what it all looked like together. I was going as Five so my look had several layers. I wore leggings (that I made), a tank, a shirt (which I added trim and functional buttons to), a plaid shirt tied around my waist, Five’s signature jacket (which was painted by ODB and otherwise altered by me), and some boots.

Ear Cuff Photo Collage
Bottom right: Jodelle’s cuff, the rest are the cuff ODB crafted for this cosplay.

To top off the look, I threw on my wig and ear cuff. Fun fact: The ear cuff worn by Five in the show was actually made by the actress who plays her, Jodelle Ferland, and can be found at her Etsy Store. (Remember that name, its coming back later.)

ODB was portraying The Android, she had significantly fewer pieces but a much more iconic look. Her outfit consisted of a navy blue cat suit (with hand sewn enhancements) a belt (altered by ODB) and boots. However, the piece that sets this cosplay apart is the slightly gravity defying wig. For those of you who haven’t seen the show, Android has a very signature look. C6GQl1qU0AErQpRShe has one curl-loop-thing on the top of her head and one curl-loop-thing on the back of her head. This wig had me stumped for a while (and by “while” I mean up until the night before it needed to be worn). I finally figured out that the back one was a French twist (which I had never done before, but found out it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be to do one). After enlisting OBD to strangle the wig head for me so it would stay still, I was able to achieve the French twist and promptly pinned it in place and sprayed the sh*t out of it before it had a chance to fall apart. However, this was the easy part. The top loop was much more elusive. Even with much finessing, failing, and hairspray I still couldn’t get it. It wasn’t until I remembered that, using a hairdryer can change the way wig fibers fall, that we made any progress. After all of the hair was finally cooperating with me, we went with one large victory roll to achieve the look. Again, there was pinning and much spraying of the hair glue. Looking back, I’m glad we did this at the hotel because I don’t think the style would have survived the plane ride.

After we were all set for the day, with wigs firmly pinned to our heads, we went downstairs to wait in line for general entry to the con. We were one of the very few that were dressed up so it was slightly awkward and not very many people knew who we were (especially since the show we were from has no queer characters, but Zoie Palmer) C6GHgiKUoAABUArAfter we got into the con, one of the staff members immediately recognized ODB as Android and asked to take a picture. It took her a second to realize I was cosplaying too but I was in the picture as well. This was our first interaction that made it onto Twitter. We spent the first few hours just walking around the con floor. We were also scoping out the other cosplayers to decide if we were entering the Cosplay Competition at the end of the day. Like I mentioned before, there were very few cosplayers at this, the first year of Clexacon, but I’ll tell you who I did see. There were 4 Holtzmanns (2 casual and 2 in full gear), a Korra, Supergirl, 2 Angent Danvers, Wonder Woman, 6 Lexas (including one Baby Lexa who absolutely won con. Like everyone knew about the Baby Lexa that was running around and she definitely dominated the content on Twitter), 1 Clarke, 5 Officer Haughts, and a Mord Sith/Confessor duo from the Legend of the Seeker (an extremely underrated show, I’m probably one of the only people that recognized them). I’m pretty sure that was it. Very small cosplay attendance which was a little disappointing but it definitely made us stand out.

At 1pm we went to the Fan Blogging 201 workshop, again led by Feliza, where we went further in depth on the type of content, planning, and networking of a blog. We also talked more about guest bloggers and why they are a good way to add more content (*hint hint wink wink*). After that, we had about two hours before our photo op with Zoie Palmer, so we decided to get something to eat and drink. Bally’s has a food court downstairs and this is what we frequented during the weekend. Our favorite part of the food court was the place called Blizz Bar. It is a frozen beverage place that has great mixed drinks. The best part? They offer reusable cups that will get you a discounted drink for as long as you have the cup. No limits. You can also use it at any of their locations on the strip (while we never did visit other locations, we frequented this one because the service was great, it was convenient, and why not drink while in Vegas). I highly recommend this as an option to stay drunk but save money. We then went upstairs to do touch-ups on our costumes so that we were ready for our photos.

It was during this time that everything changed. It had been a let down kind of day. While many people recognized ODB as the Android, very few made the connection that I was Five (Which I kind of get because she pretty much just wears extremely patterned street clothes, but still, I was standing with Android all day. Like come on). Needless to say, I felt like all of my hard work had gone unnoticed (I made my own pants for goodness sakes). However, we had been getting some attention on Instagram and Twitter from some earlier posts.

And that’s where it happened…We had been retweeted by none other than the adorable Jodelle Ferland herself!

Like what?! Is this real life? (side note: Jodelle does cosplay too, she even has a cosplay Instagram @jodellecosplays. You should totally follow her, she’s the most adorablest thing that ever existed). It was at this point that nothing else mattered. Twitter became everything. It became a lifeline. All my doubts had been dashed. Screw the con goers, we all know they were only there for Clexa and WayHaught anyway. They wouldn’t know a good cosplay if it punched them in the face (if you were hot enough, though, I think they would probably like being punched in the face, lesbians can get creepy real fast).

Jodelle liked us so much, she proceeded to find all other Tweets that had been posted about us that day. And so, it was with Jodelle’s approval that I confidently marched back to the elevator to face Zoie Palmer for our photo. Jodelle if, by some miracle, you are reading this, thank you. You totally turned my day around and I am still in awe of what happened. You are so sweet and generally amazing and I hope to someday have the pleasure of meeting you! Throughout the rest of the day our tweets were also liked by both Dark Matter’s twitter (they also retweeted us) and the showrunner.

We went back into the con and now it was time to wait and creep. (I didn’t say I wasn’t creepy too, ok?) Zoie Palmer was at an Autograph table so we sat at one of the random seating areas that was around the con and while we waited for her photo time slot we just kind of watched her from afar. (I know, so creepy but the whole situation is just so surreal. It’s hard to believe that they are there, let alone casually interacting with people.) We pretty much did this until it was time for us to line up for the (very well organized) photo session. For those that aren’t fangirls, it can seem a little weird to pay someone to take a picture with them (even for those that are fangirls and function well in society it can be weird) but honestly it’s probably less weird for the (insert person of interest here) than getting bombarded on the streets (and it supports their craft and encourages them to make future appearances). tumblr_n0t9o8wnvw1sifb4xo3_1280.jpgODB had done this one other time with Jamie Murray (and to this day doesn’t believe it happened even though there is photographic evidence that it did) but I had not. For anyone else that has not been through this process, I’m going to give you a quick break down. You stand in line with you ticket ready to be scanned. Some person of authority scans it. You quickly throw everything you don’t want to be in the picture on a table and hop back in line. When it’s your turn, you get about 20 seconds to pose and take the picture. You then get back in line. After about a minute your picture is printed. Some other person of authority then scans both your ticket and your photo and you are good to go. As you can see there is not a lot of time to second guess your pose or even get a word in with the focus of the picture. However, being in cosplay of one of their characters helps. P-JWR-MAQ-F47Again, ODB is very obviously in cosplay so Zoie knew right away that she was Android. She then turns to me and says, “are you cosplaying too?” I nod, and she quickly gathered that I was Five. She thought we did great and that was about all the time we had before the picture had to be taken. We got our picture and then went to stand in line for her autograph so that we would have further proof that the events of the day did in fact happen to us and it was not a vivid dream. Not much more was said at the autograph table (again, they are just trying to move the line along, especially since she had a panel to get to in an hour) but it was still really awesome to meet her. Zoie was going to be there all three days of the convention, but had to cancel Friday and Sunday due to filming (I’m pretty sure it was for Dark Matter because Jodelle had posted a sneak peak a few days prior) so we we’re lucky she still came on Saturday.

DSCN3246The day was nearing its close, but there were still a couple of things we wanted to do. The first being the Lost Girl Panel that Zoie was participating in, and the second being the cosplay contest. Unfortunately, they overlapped a little bit. So we spent about 20 minutes in the Lost Girl panel and then snuck out to go to the cosplay competition. Probably the biggest room for improvement Clexacon has, in my opinion, would be to have a more organized cosplay contest. While I am grateful they included cosplay in the con at all and I understand that it was not a big focus of the con, sign up was confusing and judging was rushed. It would be great if next year there were judging guidelines and even some queer cosplayers as guest judges! In fact, comment on this blog the names of your favorite queer women who cosplay to help out the ClexaCon staff if they’re reading this! Anyways, we entered not expecting to win (not because we didn’t think we did a good job on our costumes but because this was, for the most part, a popularity contest and not a quality contest). Due to this criteria the winners were a pretty easy guess.Costume Contest Third place went to one of the Holzmanns (she had a really awesome proton pack and probably should have gotten first). Second place was the Clexa (Clarke/Lexa) couple (I heard they kissed and, since the con was named after that pairing, how could they not place). And first place naturally went to Baby Lexa (it helps to be the talk of the con all weekend). Like I said, we weren’t really surprised by the results, just disappointed. Hopefully this blog encourages all the cosplaying queer women out there (you know who you are) to attend ClexaCon next year and maybe they’ll level the playing field a bit by adding categories to judging!

At this point in the day we didn’t really care about not placing as we were both ready to rip the wigs off of our heads. We went back to our room and quickly stripped down. We had decided to go to one of the nicer restaurants in lieu of the Black and White Party (we would rather spend $100 on food than a dance miles from the hotel where we would have to pay for an uber and drinks) So we put on the clothes we had brought for the dance, went down to SEA: a Thai Experience where we had a lovely dinner enjoying each others company and debriefing from the day. Afterwards, we went down another level to pick up another drink from the Blizz Bar and then went back to the room and rested after a very full day. We had another look to premier that required our beauty rest (lol, like that helped). We closed out the day stretched out on the king-sized bed feeling accomplished.

The final day of Clexa Con will be covered next Monday!