Day 4

Sunday was the final day of ClexaCon. Again, the con doors opened at 11:00AM and we had another cosplay to debut. Since Sunday was the day for all of the Carmilla related events, we thought it would be fitting to wear our Laura and Carmilla cosplays. DSCN3355So we had to rise early again to put together our looks. However, we also had to pack and check out of our room. Fortunately, the hotel will hold bags for 24 hours so we didn’t have to lug our luggage around con all day. After checking our bags we proceeded to the con floor.

After walking in, you could tell it was the final day of the con. Sundays are always slow days at cons. Many people have already started heading home and those that are still there are typically exhausted from drinking, partying, and fangirling the last few days. ClexaCon seemed especially empty but that is probably due more to this being the first year and people not really knowing what to expect from the weekend. To put it plainly, the con was mostly dead, so you know, slightly alive and the only thing that could save it was true love. And that true love came in the format of Natasha Negovanlis and Elise Bauman. Today began with with a choice between a showing of Almost Adults (Natasha and Elise’s new movie) and a Carmilla fan meet-up. We opted to go to the meet-up. Only about 8 others made that decision. Everyone else picked the movie. I know because the meet-up was held next door to the movie and they weren’t exactly a quiet audience. We did get to talk to a few pretty awesome ladies who really had their lives changed by the Camilla Web Series. We then went to go wait in line for the Carmilla Reunion Panel on the main stage. This was the first main panel that we attended in full and it was definitely worth it. There was much laughter, solid questions, and impromptu readings of classic lesbian scenes.

We then grabbed a quick lunch and touched up our looks before heading back to the con to wait for the photo session once again. The line began to quickly grow and you could soon see that people were only interested in the duo photo (I mean, that’s what we were there for, but we were cosplaying their characters) so they were able to start a little early. It was at this moment that the butterflies hit. Again, we were meeting an actress as their character. You can only hope that they get it, because if they don’t you obviously failed. The line moved up. 3 people…2 people left… 1 more to go. P-W1J-KMD-RM1Then it was our turn, the moment of truth. Did it read? “Wait, are you guys cosplaying?” There it is folks! The relief that we didn’t totally eff up. That we weren’t walking around like total fools. That the money was worth it. So now that we could put our self-doubt and anxiety aside we could relish in the fact that Natasha and Elise thought we looked great and they seemed to have been flattered as we were the only Carmilla cosplayers they had seen that weekend (we were the only ones, so I’m glad they saw us). Natasha was even jealous of ODB’s wig, saying it was better than her real hair while filming. This energy produced a pretty fabulous photo because they both made the same pose and I’m fairly sure that neither knew the other was posing in the same way. We proceeded through the line, got our picture and then de-wigged ourselves so that we could meet Ali Liebert.

Ali Liebert was the first celeb announced that made us want to go to ClexaCon. We had recently watched Bomb Girls and Betty is obviously our favorite character. Ali was going to be a panelist in the LGBTQ Actresses in TV and Film Panel.
DSCN3385DSCN3420DSCN3407It was our last panel for the day and the final panel of the con. It touched on some great topics and allowed us fans to catch a glimpse of the people behind our favorite characters. All of the ladies on this panel identify somewhere along the LGBTQ scale and it was interesting to hear how their stories differ. From queer roles leading to self-discovery to straight roles having little to no affect on their outness. We also got to hear about how some had been lucky enough to only work with accepting people and others had been told they had to bring a male date to events related to the job. After the panel we were the first in line to Ali’s autograph booth. Since we did not have a photo with her, we got one of her generic shots signed to both of us. We got a chance to tell her that we loved Bomb Girls and then you have to move on because other people want to talk to her too. That was the final event of the con.

We did one more swing around the vendors booths, but most had already packed up. We claimed our bags and managed to catch an airport shuttle an hour before our scheduled pick up. Since it was getting dark we got to see a view of the city and the lights were clicking on for the night. We get to the airport and are ready to check in when disaster struck. We had left a wallet on the shuttle. Checking in for a return flight is about the worst time to misplace your identification. Fortunately we were able to get a hold of the driver and were able to acquire our belongings. We checked our bags (with ease, God bless Southwest Airlines) and headed to our gate. With only one hiccup at the security check (forgot that we had candy in our carry-on) we proceeded to the gate where we crossed paths with, none other than Ali Liebert. We recognized her, but she had no reason to recognize us (she met so many people this weekend) so it was only slightly awkward when we waved at her. We did get to see her and her girlfriend bump into another Clexacon Guest and her wife. It was a cute exchange. However, we decided not to be too creepy and went on our way to find a place to eat as we had a few hours before our flight. We end up at Pei-Wei (which was packed, oddly enough lots of people are flying out of Las Vegas on a Sunday evening) and had a couple of drinks before waiting at our gate. It was then that I began writing the first blog. I had every intention of covering the whole weekend in one post but as I quickly realized, it was going to require a breakdown to really cover this wonderful, emotional, busy weekend.

I hope that you have enjoyed my thoughts on Clexacon 2017. We definitely plan on attending again next year and hopefully there will be a stronger cosplay presence as the con grows (and I have no doubt that it will because it is the only con of its kind and it seemed really well received). Hopefully we will see you there!