After being on the cosplay convention circuit for a year we have learned allot of things. We are aiming to be more organized in 2018 and plan out our cosplays in advance. (LOL. I know that’s impossible, but we are going to try our best, ok?) Especially because we are going to be cosplay guesting at this, the second year, of ClexaCon! Our cosplays are subject to change depending on budget and who is guesting. We tend to attend conventions with guests we like and cosplay their characters. There are conventions for everything now and finding the truly great ones is sometimes like finding a needle in a haystack. So, here is our comprehensive list of conventions we enjoyed so much that we are willing to go back again! This list is in chronological order to when these conventions fall in the calendar year. Enjoy!

Albuquerque Comic Con

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Date: January 11-14

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Cost: $30-20/day or $60/3 day pass

Except for this one, this will be our first time attending. While it is the sister con to Santa Fe Comic Con, it is an important venue for us to be seen cosplaying in for our local followers. It is also the main convention for allot of local cosplayers so building relationships in the cosplay community is key to our work.

Cosplays: Arthur & Muffy from Arthur

Hiro Hamada & Honey Lemon from Big Hero 6



Date: April 5-9

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Cost: $150/3 day pass

This convention for queer women in media is our main convention and definitely our favorite. They bring in the best guests from movies and shows with the most prominent queer representation. The panels are led by the experts in their fields and center around pertinent issues to queer women. The cosplay presence is about to get a huge bump because we are guesting at this convention for the first time presenting the panel: Queer and Plus Sized Cosplay!

Cosplays: The White Canary & Nissa from Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow,

Carmilla & Laura from The Carmilla Movie

Korra & Asami from The Legend of Korra

Ruby & Sapphire from Steven Universe

Star Fest Denver

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Date: April 20-22

Location: Denver, CO

Cost: $75/3day pass

This science fiction convention features every sci-fi show you can imagine. Throughout the convention are iconic sci-fi scenes: a Star Gate, the robot from Meet the Robinsons-you name it. There were Star Trek and Star Wars characters littered throughout the crowd. The guests they had were incredible. The staff running this convention were not friendly and left something to be desired. But the atmosphere was still out of this world!

Cosplays: Captain Janeway & Chakotay from Star Trek Voyager

Dr. Crusher & Wesley Crusher from Star Trek Next Generation


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Date: May 11-13

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Cost: $35/online or $50/at the door

This anime convention is the largest one in New Mexico, boasting: maid cafes, a cosplay contest, internationally recognized cosplay guests, cosplay photography workshops, and body paint seminars. We really enjoyed our first cosplay contest experience here, it is judged harshly enough but also is small enough that you have a chance with a really good cosplay.

Cosplays: TBD

Dallas A-Kon


Date: June 7-10

Location: Dallas, TX

Cost: $60/4 day pass

This anime convention based in Ft. Worth is the single largest anime convention in the country. The cosplay presence here is huge and top notch. It is well worth the entry price just to see the costume contest, but there are some incredible panels and high profile guests. Their artist and dealer’s rooms are unimaginably huge and filled with everything your anime heart desires and things you never knew you needed.

Cosplays: Celene & Briala from Dragon Age: Inquisition

Varrick & Zhu Li from The Legend of Korra

Lolita Jiggly Puff & TBD Gymn Leader from Pokemon

Moriarty Mini Con


Date: August 5

Location: Moriarty, NM

Cost: $5 for 13+

This mini one day comic convention is in it’s second year. The first year promises that the second will also be full of fun and entertainment for the whole family. The dealer room was small, but had some good vendors. Unfortunately, the only entertainment was homophobic/trans-phobic/misogynistic gunslingers. But here’s hoping they build upon the other activities of the day including a comic trivia and a cosplay masquerade contest.

Cosplays: TBD

Indigenous Comic Con


Date: November 10-12

Location: TBD, NM

Cost: $100/3 Day Pass or $95/VIP

This Native American comic convention based out of Albuquerque is the only one of it’s kind. Featuring native artists, vendors and guests it is an amazing and immersive experience!

Cosplays: TBD


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Date: December 16-17

Location: Albuquerque, NM

Cost: $40/weekend pass

This anime convention is run by the local university, UNM. It features interactive panels and activities for every weeboo including cosplay chess. The cosplay contest is always an event and not to be missed. The amazing winter cosplays sported at this convention are what set it apart from all other anime conventions in the area.

Cosplays: TBD