The Museum of Science Fiction has just announced a new science fiction costume and fashion design competition that is out of this world! The competition, which is open for registration/submission online and closes April 15th, plans to showcase “costume design and construction [as] one of the most important interdisciplinary art forms of science fiction.” The final competition, including the presentation of fully constructed designs, will take the stage as part of a live fashion show at Escape Velocity 2018. Escape Velocity is a futuristic world’s fair modeled after comic conventions which, this year, will achieve orbit May 25-27 in Maryland.

On top of cash prizes and VIP passes to Escape Velocity 2019, cosplayers (because anyone who plays in costume deserves that title) in the United States and abroad have the opportunity for their costumes to be judged by none other than, Dr. Deborah Nadoolman Landis!


Now, you may not recognize Dr. Landis from the screen, but her costuming work can be viewed in many notable films, our favorite being Raiders of the Lost Ark. Along with a  professional and experienced panel of judges consisting of other fashion designers and prominent members of the costuming community, Dr. Landis will award some lucky cosplayers the ultimate prize in science fiction costume design!

During our year on the costume contest convention circuit we explored many components of costume judging which we’ve shared in previous blogs. The adjudication at The Museum of Science Fiction’s Costume Competition is comparable to international costume competition guidelines like those we learned about from Garnet Runestar at SabakuCon (Our Very First Masquerade Competition) and Ya Ya Han at Dallas A-Kon (The Tardy Cosplay). MSFComp

This competition has three blanket categories: Original Content, Redesign/Interpretation (Mash-Ups) and Young Adult/High School with the potential for awards spanning:

  1. Best In Show
  2. Best Original Fashion/Costume Design/Construction
  3. Best Reinterpreted Fashion/Costume Design/Construction
  4. Best Young Adult/High School Design/Construction
  5. Best Fashion/Costume Design Illustration or Photograph

Judgement varies by category following many of the standard rules like 90% of the costume being self made and the screen accurate qualities it must have. To enter a costume into this competition you must submit progress pictures, costume components and final images of your costume in JPG or PNG to with additional specifications that can be found in the Museum of Science Fiction Costume Competition Official Rules or their website.

Good luck cosplayers! We will look into press passes for this convention so we can bring you more content on the amazing costumes coming out of this competition!