We got to sleep a little later on Sunday, waking up at 8 instead of 7. I had given up on completing White Canary around 2 AM and managed to get a few hours of sleep. But we get up, grab breakfast and head to the con to try to sell our photo opp ticket. We also found out that the pre-judging for the Cosplay Contest is going to start at 12. We happened to be standing in line with people that wanted the photo opp we had so we gladly sold it to them and ran back to our room to put on our costumes for judging. FB_IMG_1523295906260As I mentioned in our Friday blog, we had the incredible opportunity to work with @calicoqueen. We were actually going to be judges for the cosplay contest! This would turn out to be one of my favorite cosplay experiences.

The pre-judging started out a little slow due to some miscommunications with the contestants but it eventually picked up and we got to see about a third of the cosplayers before the event. This did, however, eat up most of our afternoon. So, we headed down to the panel room immediately after. We got filmed by one of ClexaCon’s official videographers, which was a super fun experience. We also had the opportunity to do some last minute pre-judging on contestants as they arrived for the contest.

The Judges with Best In Show contestant cosplaying Rufio/Valkyrie Tamsin

As 3 PM quickly approached we made the final adjustments for the contest. We only had 50 minutes to have everyone walk and to deliberate our decisions. And so, with a full house, we gave brief introductions and got the party started led by our MD @calicojacksonphotos. We walked all of the contestants in about 30 minutes and made our decisions in about 10. We announced our picks for: Judges Choice, Best Beginner, Best Group, Best Construction, and Best in Show.  Then the audience had a chance to take a few photos of the winners while we gather the winners contact information. The speakers for the next panel were already waiting for us to clear out the room so we ushered everyone out and concluded our first judging experience. After the contest there were only a couple hours left to ClexaCon. We headed back to the vendor hall to make sure there was nothing else we wanted. On our way we were stopped by some of The Carmilla Movie crew members who were so pleased to see our dresses. They took a picture with us and couldn’t wait to send it to the costume designer. Once back in the main hall we managed to catch Natasha and Elise one last time before their autograph sessions ended. They also said that they loved our cosplay and that they had informed the costume designer.

IMG_20180408_172109380Feeling pretty good about how our weekend went, we returned to our hotel and changed into swimsuits to get a couple hours in at The Excalibur’s pools. We enjoyed a couple  piña coladas until the pools closed  and then we went to The Buffet for dinner (did you really stay in a strip hotel if you don’t go to a buffet?) After dinner we returned to our room and turned in for an early night.

After the best 10 hours of sleep I had all weekend we woke to our final day in Vegas. We decided to go back to The Buffet for breakfast to see what that had to offer. Afterwards we donned our swim gear in anticipation of the final ClexaCon event, another pool take-over. We packed up our bags and had them checked at the bell desk. With several hours to kill before the take-over we returned to the pools at The Excalibur. It might have been a little early for another piña colada, but the bars were open anyways. We were enjoying the morning in the pool when we were contacted by @calicoqueen to see if we had any plans for the day. We decided to meet up at The Tropicana while they grabbed lunch. It was just like being with old friends and before we knew it 3 hours had gone by. They had some other sight seeing they wanted to do and we wanted to get in one more ClexaCon event, so we parted ways with the promise of future interactions as we headed to the Tropicana pools.

It was clear that not as many people stayed until Monday, but there was still a strong showing of queer persons at the pool. We could only stay for a little while before we needed to grab our luggage and wait for our airport pick up. We made it to the airport without incident and were ready to shuffle things around at baggage check in this time. Since we still had all of the bags with us we actually had a place for things to go. We make it through security with ease and get to our gate with an hour to spare, leaving plenty of time to people watch in the airport. We board our plane, which was fuller than the one we took to get here, and say our final goodbyes to Las Vegas, NV for the year concluding our ClexaCon 2018 adventure. We are absolutely ecstatic about returning next year and cannot wait to see how the cosplay community continues to grow at ClexaCon. We would love to see you next year, but get your tickets early. ClexaCon Las Vegas 2019 is going to return to the Tropicana, but they are going to put a cap on attendance. We hope to see you there!