We have had so much content and been so busy attending conventions that we are only now getting to this award nomination. Thank you so much to A Geeky Gal blog (she has the cutest logo btw) who nominated us for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This award is bestowed from blogger to blogger for sharing warmth in the world through inspiring positivity, joy and other sunshiny emotions. We are so honored to be thought of in this light and excited to answer her questions:

What was your first fandom? (Or what was the first thing you obsessed over?)

I, @operadivablock (O), was a total Star Wars nerd growing up. My parents showed me the original trilogy and that was it. This was way before Star Wars was cool again and there was no merch to be found. I would also get bullied allot for being a Star Wars dork, but now its “in” again? I don’t get people, but I’m just glad there’s so much merch available. I’m pretty sure that I own as many Star Wars T-Shirts as all my other T-Shirts combined.

I, @skyberry13 (S), have, am, and will always be a huge Disney fan. Due to my Hufflepuff nature I am extremely loyal. This includes food places, actors, and many other things. Disney is one of those things. Like they really can’t do wrong by me. I grew up on Disney and I have every intention of having my own children grow up on Disney too. My favorite game to play with my friends/family was Disney scene it. I never lost.

Who is your favorite fictional character?

O: I feel like this is a multifaceted question. There have been different favorite characters for different stages of my life. Growing up it was Anastasia from the animated movie, then in 6th grade it was Violet Incredible from The Incredibles. In college H.G. Wells from Warehouse 13 was my hero. Now, Lars from Steven Universe is my man. So, I guess the answer is I don’t have a single favorite fictional character.

S: As I mentioned before I am fiercely loyal. I have been a long fan of One Piece and Monkey D. Luffy is my favorite character. Lately (and by that I mean since it came out in 2010) Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon has had my support and love. Now that I am writing this out and am realizing that both of these characters have a really strong sense of morals and friendship. Hiccup would totally be a Hufflepuff.

What is something you love about your favorite fandom?

O: My favorite fandom is not a show I necessarily like or follow very closesly because The 100 is a great post apocalyptic sci-fi show (everything I love) and it does have queer characters (the only mandatory element for me to watch anything), however, the writers queer baited their audience into watching it. [spoilers] Lexa dies by a stray bullet immediately after consummating her relationship with Clark. Cue the Bury Your Gays trope. Anyway, all of the good that came out of the fandom through this horrible queer-baiting is what I love so much. Arising from Lexa’s ashes was ClexaCon, the best convention for queer women in media hands down! Coming together every year to celebrate all of the movies, shows, games etc. that are representing queer women right is the best fandom experience I have ever had. This community helped me come out as TransMasculine, not only to my family, but to my work as well.

S: Ok, I’ll go with One Piece on this one. My favorite thing about One Piece is how important nakama is to the Straw Hat Crew. They will literally do anything for each other and protect their beliefs in the most dire of circumstances. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and never attack anyone for no reason.

What is something you hate about your favorite fandom?

O: I think I kind of answered that in the first one accidentally without knowing, but the queer-baiting is definitely something I hate in any fandom. Writers have a responsibility to their audience, particularly an audience they specifically sought out to represent them with dignity and respect no matter how the characters are written.

S: There are not enough female characters, but I guess that’s what I get for liking a shonnen.

Are you a fan of something that doesn’t seem to be that popular?

O: Are we fans of anything that is considered “popular?” When we cosplayed from Dark Matter I think we were the least recognized out of all of our cosplays. Warehouse 13 is all but extinct. I feel like a fossil. But Jamie Murray will be at Dragon Con this year, so trying to see her again at that.

S: I haven’t really been actively watching anime so all of the ones I really like are old and out dated.

What do you watch/read/play the most?

O: What I watch the most is probably Warehouse 13, and the game I play the most is definitely Dragon Age (all of them) on PS3.

S: I watch so many things thanks to Netflix, but in terms of most hours put into a show it is One Piece. Have have seen the first 500 episodes two or three times now. I read the most Tamora Pierce. She writes stories about strong young women and their journeys into adulthood. Most take place in the land of Tortall, a country that she invented with pretty extensive lore. I definitely play Dragon Age the most. I currently have 95+ hours put into my character in DAI. The Kingdom Hearts games are a close second though.

What fictional place/house would you love to live in?

O: My dream home is the one from Meet the Robinsons. I’ve always wanted somewhat of a space house, but just earthly and tactful enough to still be recognizable as a residence.

S: Is it weird to say Berk from How to Train Your Dragon? Because that’s what I want to say. It seems like a beautiful place and who wouldn’t want a dragon as your bff.

Where would you take a fictional dream vacation?

O: Orlais is beautiful this time of year in Dragon Age or Naboo from Star Wars. I would love to vacation in either of those places.

S:  San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6 seems like a pretty cool place to visit.

What character has a wardrobe you’d love to have?

O: I want La Fontaine’s wardrobe from The Carmilla Series & The Carmilla Movie. I would also love the suits that Isabella and Syd wore in One Day At A Time which Isabella discussed in her ClexaCon interview for me [see Heres to Hollstein Saturday (Just Because Its Blue Doesn’t Mean its Cinderalla)].

S: I don’t think I could pull it off, but I really enjoy Kenzie’s many looks in Lost Girl.

What Hogwarts house does you pet belong in?

O: I think we have conflicting opinions on this. Jinks, our tuxedo cat and my sweet boy is a Hufflepuff. And Myka, I think, would be Slytherin or Ravenclaw.

S: Personally I think they are all Hufflepuffs, the fish included. Myka just wants to eat and cuddle and sleep and that sounds pretty Hufflepuffy to me.

Tell me about your favorite day in your life so far.

O: It is hard to narrow down to one single day. Recently, one of the most impactful experiences I had was at ClexaCon sitting by the pool in my rash-guard observing all of the post-op trans men in the pool splashing around bare chested. Later that night I had the pleasure of sitting down with them and discussing avenues to transition that I had never explored before. Those experiences gave me the courage to come out as Trans-masculine to everyone I know, including at work. Hearing my boss refer to me as “he” for the first time definitely makes the list of favorite days in my life.

S: December 23, 2011. It’s the day we officially started dating. However, I imagine that October 14, 2018 might top it (we’re tying the knot)!

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Our Questions:

  1. What is the most intricate costume either you have made or have seen someone wearing?
  2. What character was your first nerdy influence as a child and why?
  3. What is the most expensive nerdy thing you’ve ever invested in?
  4. What is your most memorable experience at a convention?
  5. What would your perfect convention look like? What guests would be there?
  6. What is your dream cosplay?
  7. What is your favorite planet?
  8. If you could meet anyone in the world, who would it be and what would you tell them?
  9. Who is your fictional crush?
  10. What is your dream fictional job?
  11. Print out and make this Origami Sorting Hat. What Hogwarts house did you get? (bonus points for pictures)

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