Monster Battle 

Monster Battle 2018

IMG_20180810_182819I suppose the cosplay themed shenanigans began a week before at Meow Wolf’s Monster Battle on the Plaza to cap off the Santa Fe Bandstand for the summer. We had never attended before and did not know what kind of costume presence to expect so I wore a So So Happy monster hoodie and @skyberry13 wore a dragon kigu from Target. IMG_20180810_191851We ended up pretty under dressed for semi-professional cosplayers because there were costumes ranging from store bought, like ours, to self constructed from the ground up. We will definitely have to up our cosplay game next year for a shot at the $500 costume contest prize at the end of the night which was taken home by a tiny Ghostbuster this year. Throughout the evening there was music by DJ Snaggy and Commodore 256 which can be herd on their SoundCloud.

Cosplay, Fashion, Anime Sale!!!!

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This weekend was full of local cosplay events and we tried to attend as many as we could by booking a hotel room in Albuquerque so we wouldn’t miss out on any of the fun driving back and forth from Santa Fe. On Friday afternoon local cosplay legends Maddest Maddi Cosplay, Lady Zia Cosplay, Kamon Tari Cosplay and others had a cosplay sale to share the wealth of their incredible costumes. DSC_0501The event was held at Maddest Maddi’s residence which, if you’ve ever had the honor of visiting her abode, you would know that upon arrival in the living room you are greeted with her numerous cosplay awards and portraits displayed on the mantle above her fireplace along with a signed photo from cosplay god Ya Ya Han. That day they were covered with sales racks full of costumes in all shapes, sizes and colors. It is also difficult to miss the spiral staircase in her living room leading to the upstairs where the sale racks continued, overflowing upward and outward onto the patio as well. I came late since I was working that day, but the sale started at 1PM and they said that they had consistent customers all day long. They’d sold about half of their stock by the time I got there which is saying something about the bulk of cosplay they had since all of their racks were still full. I attended with the intention of documenting the event and showing my support for the local cosplay community, but quickly saw some props we couldn’t live without. IMG_20180817_150105The first one was an EVA foam and thermoplastic detailed ax by Maddest Maddi which was perfect for modifying into an ax for @skyberry13‘s Astrid cosplay from How to Train Your Dragon which will premier sometime next year. The second was a silver PVC pipe bo-staff in Lady Zia’s collection upstairs which is perfect for my White Canary from Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow which we barely finished for ClexaCon, but has yet to premier. There were still people pouring in when I left to take advantage of all the awesome cosplays available for purchase.

Aqours Pool Party! ★

IMG_20180818_170205On Saturday afternoon was the Aqours Pool Party put on by Kirie Cosplay Cafe and Cafe Quartz. We were greeted upon arrival by members of the cafe in their Love Live! IMG_20180818_180031swimsuit cosplays donning rainbow leis around our necks like we were being welcomed to a tropical island. This long awaited cosplay and swimming mashup had been rained out earlier this month and rescheduled. I am happy to say that, despite ominous clouds throughout the afternoon, the swimming was only halted for half an hour around 5PM due to some faraway lightning. Fortunately, the cafes had planned for this and had some fun lawn games prepared: a hula hoop game, beanbags and a nautical themed version of “werewolf” using some gummies from a goblet. IMG_20180818_174755This interlude was also the perfect amount of time for the cafes to perform their rehearsed idol performance on the grass. The party ended with some heated water gun battles in the pool with the cafes. What is summer without a cosplay pool party, amirite?

Indian Market


39539460_10217123224700905_6029522252607782912_nWhile not exactly cosplay related, Indian Market occurred concurrently with our other events this weekend. Held on the Santa Fe plaza, it is the largest market for native american art in the world. We were unable to attend this year, however, one of our dearest cosplay friends, Breadsama Cosplay, not only was a model for the Shayne Watson line in the Indian Market Fashion show, but she, perhaps more importantly, fulfilled a lifelong dream of her’s by entering a clothing piece into the Native American Clothing Contest. In true cosplayer fashion she stayed up for 24 hours 39543441_10217123225100915_7802621121903198208_nmaking this beautiful fall coat constructed from wool, resin, elk teeth and a beaded pocket from one of her great aunt’s patterns. This garment was both inspired by and dedicated to her great aunt “Josephine Meyers Wapp who was a founding faculty [member] of IAIA, a seamstress, weaver, Comanche traditionalist and fashion guru.” Bread Sama Cosplay tearfully accepted second place with this masterpiece of a coat which was both a win for her new SUTAI Designs company and a more personal win in honoring her great aunt’s legacy. We are so proud of our incredible model, designer and cosplay friend!