So we’re getting married in October, as we may have mentioned in a couple blog posts by now. Wedding stress is at a super high, so we thought to de-stress we’d compile the romantic tales of how our friends found fandom love. While our rustic lodge/succulent themed wedding is not reflective of our secret life as semi-pro cosplayers, we have definitely utilized our sewing and crafting skills in our DIY wedding. But we are especially envious of these geeky brides and grooms who were able to make their fantastic dreams come true.  We’ve had the pleasure of attending two of these ceremonies ourselves, however, the pictures say it all for how much fun these nerds had tying the knot.

Evelyn & Connor’s

Superhero & Disney Themed Wedding

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Connor and Evelyn, after falling in mutual (nerdy) love, knew that their lives would forever be filled with one another’s favorite fandoms. Connor had his love for Lord of the Rings; Evelyn had Harry Potter. Of course, they both agreed that they could both get into Disney, Star Wars, and superheroes. For their wedding, they decided to share these fandoms with their loved ones. 39001860_1936327343057145_588545141006925824_nBefore their wedding, a family friend serenaded attendees with a compilation of Disney love songs—everything from Aladdin to The Little Mermaid. For their reception entrance, they walked in to the Imperial March. Their cake was half Batman and half Wonder Woman with small cake plates to match. The gestures were small but easily became happy memories.

Jeremy & Andy’s

Superhero Themed Wedding

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Jeremy: My whole life I have enjoyed comic books and superheroes. Many of them helped me through tough times and they also played a big part in shaping me into who I am today. When it came to my wedding, I had seen different things done before such as the groomsmen ripping open their shirts to reveal heroes underneath or the groom having his own separate cake devoted to his favorite movie or comic book hero. I loved the idea of integrating that aspect of my life into the wedding and felt only right to do so. Luckily my fiance, now wife, was on board for allowing me to do so. It also helped that she is slowly becoming a comic nerd like me.

When it came time to decide how we were going to apply heroes to the wedding we decided that we wanted it to be subtle and a mixture of traditional wedding style with the nerd culture.

Jeremy's WeddingWe did this in two ways. The first, was with my three groomsmen gifts. For each of them I purchased a tie clip and cuff-links that I found from a shop called GreenersWeddings on Etsy. They all had different members from Batman comics. To my best man I gave Nightwing; He was the oldest and most mature. The next was the Red Hood; A bit of a rebel of the group and more kept to himself. Last was Robin; He was the first of our group and will be a friend for life.

img_20180825_190146.jpgThe next thing that had my nerdy influence was the cake. My wife had found pictures of a cake online that had your traditional wedding cake look on one side, but on the back each layer was represented by its own hero or character. I instantly fell in love with the idea. It was a perfect combination and it felt like it also represented the merging of our two personalities. Our cake came to be a four layer cake so we chose four different characters.

  • Harley Quinn: Chosen because she was the first character that both of us had a mutual love for
  • Iron Man: I used him as a team mascot when my wife and I used to work together and he is one of my all time favorites
  • Spider-Man: Number one on my list of favorite heroes and a huge part of my life
  • Superman: Her favorite hero as well as a favorite of her sister that was not able to be there with us

There aren’t a ton of areas to put comics and heroes into a wedding, but I’m just glad that they were able to be represented. To find someone that accepts it as part of my lifestyle and is supportive of it was something hard to come by. It also makes me happy to know that my wife was just as excited as I was when she first saw the cake and the gifts.

Star & Jose’s

Dragon Ball Z, One Punch Man & Star Wars Themed Wedding

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39953533_2134211916591552_6663320045218693120_n.jpgStar: Jose and I met a year ago through a mutual friend and we instantly clicked. He had an Attack on Titan tattoo that caught my eye so we compared Animes that we liked and disliked. Later, we began dating and our favorite thing to do would be watching movies/anime. When we decided to get married I knew that I wanted our wedding to reflect who we are. Nerds. So we talked about animes that we liked and decided to incorporate it into our cakes. 39999753_247168835924025_3832907928247992320_nOne Punch Man (because it was funny and he strengthens through any situation), Dragon Ball Z, he is my hero and I his loving faithful chichi, and the sharingan (his favorite) to always see truth. ALSO I decided since we both love Star Wars I had to have a lightsaber handle with my wedding bouquet. I guess you can say, there are traditional weddings and then there are wedding where you share and show people what it is that we enjoy. I believe that anime has a unique way of teaching us life lessons and what better way to include those lessons then by including them in a major part of our life?