We were excited to pull our 10th Doctor and Amy cosplays out of the closet for our drive up to Truth or Consequences (T or C). We decided on this Doctor Who duo because there was an episode in the show’s season titled “The Zygon Invasion” which is set in Truth or Consequences, NM even though it was filmed in Fuerteventura, one of the Canary Islands. We thought we might get some good photos in these costumes in it’s actual setting.

The drive was beautiful as we listened to the Thirteenth Doctor playlist on Spotify to keep the Doctor Who vibes going. It is about a two hour drive from Albuqurque which, if you compare it to our usual cross country drives to west Texas, is not half bad but for a day trip to an unknown convention is a bit of a risk. We were making this trek for the first TorC Comic Con. This will be a short blog as the convention had no programming whatsoever. It was the most wasteful $40 ($20 each) we have ever spent on a convention and that is not including the gas it took to drive all the way out to T or C. It is no surprise that they did not disclose until you were walking up to the civic center that was lined with advertising for Albuquerque and Santa Fe Comic Cons that this convention was a part of TriCon (to learn why this was a problem see: The End of Conventions as We Know Them?). In keeping with their reputation the absurd ticket price was a total scam as there were only 18 vendors within the small gymnasium whose wares I promise you have looked through multiples times if you have attended any TriCon event. The craft fair that happened to be going on at the library next door was worth more the ticket price than this convention. The “guests” were minimal at best and mostly sat at their booths.

Given that this convention is owned by an individual who has an extensive portfolio of putting on conventions there is no excuse as to the lack of guests and programming. Furthermore, to claim it was a small town and his experience is in running larger conventions I would point you to Moriarty Mini-Con (see Mini Con in Moriarty Has Potential). It is also a one day event at a remote location which is put on by a group of individuals who had no experience running a convention and even in it’s first year had four times the vendor hall and 100% more programming for half the cost. Needless to say, do not waste your money or day driving up to T or C for this sad excuse for a convention. It was quite literally highway robbery.

The convention was in conjunction with the TorC Film Festival which may have been worth the price of it’s own admission which was separate from entry to the convention. If you do find yourself stuck in TorC, though, there is precious little to do unless you wish to dip in a hot spring at which there are many opportunities throughout the town. I have heard that driving up to Spaceport America is enjoyable if you are this out of the way. We did grab breakfast at one of two local spots, but I would not recommend it. The locals stared at us the entire time, admittedly we were in “costume” but as both were closet cosplays it was not too out of the ordinary. We try every New Mexico convention at least once to report back to you all, but we have to admit that TorC Comic Con was a strange and unnecessarily expensive experience which we do not wish to repeat. Plus, there was no Zygon invasion so pretty much a bust.