Well everyone, it’s that time of year again; Con season! And, as always, our season starts with the magical land that is ClexaCon at the Tropicana Resort and Casino. It was a crazy, jam-packed weekend, but I’m going to do my best to share all that happened.

We arrived on Wednesday after a very pleasant flight from Albuquerque during which the pilot took the courtesy of acting as an in air tour guide, pointing out the Hoover Dam. For the first half of the weekend we were staying in a hotel a little off the strip. (Yes, it was for another time share presentation. And, no, I DO NOT want to talk about it!) Please see Splashing into ClexaCon 2018 (Yes You CAN Fly with a Sewing Machine if you wish to know more about the trials and tribulations of time share presentations.

The soft start to ClexaCon was a mixer on Wednesday subtly advertised through their social media channels, so much so that we lost the original post and had to ask in the ClexaConnections Facebook Group to find out the time and place. If they wanted it to be intimate, it certainly was. We were the first people at Bacio, a breakfast restaurant in the Tropicana right outside of the convention area. We enjoyed an overpriced cocktail in a branded Tropicana cup and a brief, but meaningful conversation with our friend, the brilliant moderator and now published author, Dani Piccoli.


Similar to last year, ClexaCon kicked off with the gayest of pool parties on Thursday. The Pool Party is how they really get the weekend going! The pool is filled with a menagerie of rainbow and unicorn floaties, people of all different races, body-types, and identities converse both in and out of the pool. The music is boppin and the drinks are flowing. It really is one of the most magical positive environments to be in.

Different from last year, this was also the badge pick up party which was a huge improvement over the last two years. Being able to pick up your badge on site made the process so much easier and the lines went smoother. It also provided a better space to mingle afterwards. Those who wanted to swim could and those who didn’t still got to enjoy the atmosphere and music provided by the fabulous DJs: Chyld, Corona and That Girl who would also provide beats for the Ascension After Party later in the week. While the line started out long, the wonderful staff and volunteers of ClexaCon quickly got the line down and you could just walk right up to the table to pick up your badge.

After we had our fill of swimming, we joined some new friends for dinner at the Red Lotus, a restaurant located inside of the Tropicana. Once we were full, we made our way back across the strip to rest up and steam our cosplays for Friday.