One detriment to this convention for the working cosplayer is that it starts on Friday during which they have consistently been adding more panels. For many conventions Friday is a preview day with minor programming if any for those that are free to kick off the weekend, but rarely are there main stage panels. This year (unfortunate for everyone with a day job) the majority of the cosplay panels were on Friday, save for two. I cannot speak to how many people were in attendance at those panels on Friday as I have a job, but knowing as many local cosplayers as I do with day jobs I do not imagine it was very full.

I got up bright and early on a Saturday to hang out at SabakuCon. The gaming room is not my usual hangout spot at conventions. As you might imagine I usually like to be on the floor in cosplay walking around with my friends and attending cosplay panels. SabakuCon, however, has become my gaming convention. I met up with a friend and we played some Injustice 2. I make no secret of how much I love DC Comics and the great LGBTQI+ representation they provide. I got to play as Black Canary, one of my favorite superheroes and, though my friends little brother really wiped the floor with me, it was still a great time! I was not even close to done with the game room, but we got hungry for some bento boxes so we went in search of teriyaki chicken, veggies and rice which is a welcome staple at this convention.

The first of the two cosplay panels was one I was really looking forward to; Building a Ramp to Cosplay. This panel featured a look into adaptability cosplay for those with visible and hidden disabilities. Both panelists were able to speak to modifications for all types of cosplay snags one might run into. They spoke to measuring a hem line that works for all poses, not just standing or sitting, so that the length is still accurate to the character. They were able to show examples of different ways that they had morphed mobility devices into cosplay weapons and other props that were still sturdy enough to withstand the weight necessary for their use. They had very good suggestions for those sensitive to certain types of adherents for costuming or makeup accessories to skin. They highly suggested oil based stick removers which also offer some pain relief to the affected area, though it has many ingredients so check the packaging before use. Coconut oil was another potential remover with only a single ingredient and easy to come by. They ended the panel with an insightful activity sheet for brainstorming cosplay construction. For those in the audience without a disability they even had pre-made instance cards so they could participate as well. It was a well thought out panel with great engagement.

The second cosplay panel was informative for those wanting to bulk up and flex for the camera. The panelist described what foods to eat that were perfect if you’re counting calories while building muscle. Though bananas are often a go to, this panelist prefers kiwis. He described his preparation techniques for a shoot where his body will be part of the cosplay which sometimes began a week ahead of the shoot and involved eating a large protein heavy meal right before the shoot.

It was finally time for my absolute favorite part of SabakuCon that I admit I have been waiting all year for. I was not into D&D until the sweetheart of our sorority in college started a campaign with many of my sorority sisters playing. It was a grand old time every week which I remember fondly and often miss. My favorite video game franchise as you probably know if you are a MaeBerry Cosplay fan is Dragon Age. It was not until last year at SabakuCon that I encountered the tabletop RPG version, however, and I cannot get enough. Sadly, there is no one local who runs a campaign so, alas, I must wait for my yearly campaign at SabakuCon. It never disappoints! The Dungeon Master is awesome and pulls in so much Dragon Age lore my geeky little heart can hardly take it. Though the campaign takes a good chunk of time I highly suggest joining up and trekking through Ferelden with me! This campaign featured a quest for some lost Chantry sisters who trespassed into a Dalish forest and were captured by the elves. I played Felipe, a Reviani merchant rogue who may or may not have entranced the sisters with his musical talents! All good campaigns must come to an end though and the night ended with Felipe in a tavern with some drunken sisters. I can hardly wait till next year!

P.S. If anyone is interested in starting a Dragon Age RPG tabletop campaign count this Orlesian rogue bard in!