Wow! What a beginning to a decade, huh? Like many of you I imagine, we kept busy during quarantine and the multiple governmental shutdowns in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by crafting (or playing Animal Crossing). It barely kept us sane and gave us something to work on. At the end of the day, having a physical manifestation of accomplishment was invaluable in battling depression. So, what did we make? Read on and see!

Face Masks

We became a mask factory for the first month of the shutdown. Fortunately, we collect fabric. It is a vice and we are working on it, but in this particular case it really helped out. I always buy excess for costumes because I have anxiety and, if there’s a fabric I like, then that’s coming home with me too (usually about 2 yards). Anyway, we had plenty of cotton fabric in plain and nerdy print to work with. This pattern was great as it offered double sided designs and a pocket for air filters. We actually bought an air filter you would put in an air vent and cut it into little circles to slip in our masks.


Cotton Fabric / 4 Way Stretch Fabric

A Bacteria/Virus/Micro-Particle Air Filter

Plague Doctor Mask

The Plague calls for a Plague Doctor Mask. I don’t make the rules, but who am I not to follow them. So, of course as per the first craft, I collect pleather fabric and had a ton to work with. The first free pattern I found was for a quilted mask by Totally the Bomb. It ended up not working out because we were not quilting. We did end up using the eye pattern from this one, though. The second one we found by SKS Props was made for foam, but with some minor adjustments created a look we were happy with. I also found the most amazing fabric ever for the eye holes. It is a YaYa Han one of course, and easy to see through with that perfect metallic translucent shine.

Fun Fact: If you want to see a SUPER cute Valentine’s plague doctor mask check out our brilliant friend @dejavudepictions.


Pleather Fabric — 1/4 Yard

Transparent Vinyl Fabric — 1/4 Yard

Craft Foam — 1 Sheet

Black Thread — 1 Spool

Leather needle (hand/machine)

RBG Dissent Collar

I was devastated the evening that my Justice warrior breathed her last. I did not believe it was true, I could not believe it was true. I immediately poured myself a cup of coffee (and Bailey’s) in my favorite RBG mug and set to do some depression crafting. I sourced all the materials to create her favorite and possibly most impactful collar.


Black lace fabric

Black suit fabric

Mixed Jewels

Rhinestone Trim

E600 Adhesive

Dice Resin Casting

During quarantine we really delved into our multiple distance Role Play Game (RPG) campaigns. The D&D campaign we are part of is run by our dear friend from college who lives in Washington. He is an excellent Game Master (GM) and gets really into creating on the back end, so much so, he built out an in depth Excel spreadsheet for us to shop every week from a different store. I play human avenger and lightning pirate, Gulbrand Baardson. (Our GM hates bards, which is my favorite class! So, to mess with him, I named myself as the son of a bard).

Our other campaign is where I really shine in my role playing (because I’m allowed to be a bard!) It’s also the RPG based on my absolute favorite video game, Dragon Age.

Fun Fact: I actually have a tattoo of the Inquisition Symbol on my right bicep, in case you wanted to know how much I love this franchise.

I play Stephen Valmont II, an Orlesian student from the noble family of Orlais who dropped out of school to be a bard and travel around with a band of Qunari and a Tevinter Mage. It’s a really fun campaign, I play ukulele in place of a lute during our sessions and speak french in a french accent.

Anyway, I really wanted some trans-flag colored dice to play with. I scoured the internet and, while there are plenty of beautiful images of some online, none of them are actually for sale. So, I set about to make my own. Resin casting is a super messy medium. It also requires patience, which I do not have. Below, are the supplies I highly suggest.

We have not fully figured out how to deal with bubbles, but a friend of mine who started resin casting around the same time I tried it used her lighter under the mold to bring the bubbles to the surface. I’ve also heard a hot plate is the best, but we do not have those resources yet. So, most of our dice have bubbles in them.


Clear Epoxy Resin

Silicone Dice Molds

Resin Dye

Bard Cosplay

As mentioned in my RPGs, I LOVE being a bard. We also really would never have survived quarantine without “The Witcher” on Netflix. I loved Jaskier’s character and, although I do not want to cosplay him directly, I have learned how to play Toss a Coin to Your Witcher on ukulele for those Renaissance Faire cosplay experiences.

Another media I would not have survived 2020 without is Gensin Impact, this FREE open world game is crazy good! One of the characters, Venti, is a bard and a god. I’m still working on getting him in game for my team, but I have already started working on a cosplay.

So, when life opens again, I will have two bard costumes to wear! The first is a cosplay of my Dragon Age RPG character, Sephen, and the other is the bard Venti, which will double well for our anime conventions as well since that is the art style.

Check back for my finished bard cosplays and DIY!